The Questions Project: Lindsey Pulse

Lindsey Pulse is a senior journalism major minoring in German at Mizzou. We met in my 4804 class, and ended up working on 1/3 of the projects together, aka, Lindsey had to put up with me a lot but we actually produced some pretty stellar pieces of journalism that our professors only sort of tore apart.

Lindsey just returned stateside after a semester in Brussels. So I’m insanely jealous of her, because I miss it, but also I’m insanely proud of her because Brussels/Europe was a difficult place to live this semester.
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The Questions Project: Tuti Arias

Lucia Arias, or Tuti, is one of my Costa Rican (tican) hermanas. I became “one of the family” when her cousin, Eliana (from here on out referred to as Nana) stayed with my family for 4 months in 2010. I then went to Costa Rica for a month the summer before my senior year of high school. I love Tuti’s family dearly, and I love Tuti just as dearly as an individual.

She’s been spending the past couple months with my parents, working to refine her English. Tuti is 25 and has a pharmaceutical job waiting for her when she arrives back in Costa Rica!! She’s one of the kindest, most cheerful people I’ve met. While she’s been staying en mi casa, she’s been residing en mi cuarto. I wouldn’t want to have given my room to anyone else.

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The Questions Project: Bell Johnson

I feel like I say this frequently, but this week we have a truly special character on The Questions Project.
She comes in the form of Bell Johnson: my capstone teammate. She’s studying journalism and international studies with a minor in Russian studies. She loves travel and learning about the world, so we always have intriguing conversations.

I adore Bell for a lot of reasons, but in some capacities she is a pea in my pod. We have similar outlooks. Primarily, Bell is the best person I’ve ever worked with in a team project. We approach projects the same way, and it’s fortunately super compatible.

I wouldn’t have wanted to work on my final journalism project with anyone else.
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The Questions Project: Kylie Mann

This week, in honor of family time and Thanksgiving Break,we have my dear younger sister featured on The Questions Project. She’s a freshman at Xavier University in Cincinnati. I love her lots, probably because we share a mutual disdain for the question “where are you from?” She’s not known for super wordy, long answers, but she is known for being extremely creative and a lot more fun than I am.
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The Questions Project: Borja Matheu

Borja Matheu is from Spain. He’s a blessing unto this world and I met him while in Brussels. I was trying to put money on the account for my Brussels phone. But for whatever reason, the machine wasn’t working and so I automatically assumed it was my foreign naiveté. I turned around and saw a young fellow directly behind me in line, asked if he spoke English, and then asked for his help. Turns out it wasn’t my foreign naiveté and he couldn’t figure it out either, so the workers thought we were both idiots! It was a dandy time and sparked a lovely friendship. I miss Borja terribly, and I wish he weren’t so dang far away. But alas. Without further ado, Borja:
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