The Woman Behind the Thoughts

In 140 characters:
23-year-old. Digs technology, news, travel, cats, and order. Would one day like to rule the World.

In way more than 140 characters:
Hello. I’m a second year law student at Syracuse University and a graduate from the University of Missouri where I double majored in journalism* and political science with a minor in information technology. Consequently, I like tech, political and international news. Generally of a multimedia variety. I spent a semester in Brussels at Reuters TV and it was the most wonderful experience of my life to date.  During my senior year of college, I was a news producer for KMIZ, the ABC affiliate in Columbia, Mo. where I was in charge of the 9 am and the Noon newscasts, as well as any breaking news that came in while the morning show was doing its thing.
(*Convergence journalism with an emphasis in multimedia producing, to be uber specific.)

Journalism-focuses aside, I have a strong desire to dip my toes into the legal stratosphere, hence the law school part. I grew up in a legal-centered home, and strongly identify with comedian John Mulaney’s bit “A Child with Lawyers.” I spent my adolescence negotiating my way into pet purchases and unlimited texting using contracts with The Parents. Now, I want to take my adoration of technology (IT) and communicating (journalism), and mix it with my love for complicated jargon (law)! This has put me at the front door of cybersecurity. And boy oh boy did the hack on Ashley Madison (and also the U.S. government) nudge me ever more in that direction. In an effort to further my legal goals, I’m currently interning at the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office in Memphis, Tenn. in the Public Corruption and Economic Crimes Unit.

Facts unrelated on a professional/academic level: I’m very into Sufjan Stevens. Seeing him live was a spiritual experience. Of a similar caliber: Wes Anderson, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chuck, and Emma Watson. #girlpower Additionally, I can easily be bribed with an americano, a cappucino, tea, a cat, multiple cats, kittens, pictures of cats, or a husky. Needless to say, it is not a difficult task. I also have a tendency to accidentally abuse subordinate clauses… We’ll say it’s part of my voice.

Why it’s hard for me to say where I’m from: I’ve bopped around the country a lot (no, not military), and now I must admit I don’t particularly have a home. I was born in Phoenix, but I moved when I was eight so I can’t really claim that. Since then I’ve spent time in New Jersey, Ohio, two Dallas suburbs, Memphis, Missouri, and New York. The longest I’ve lived anywhere since Phoenix was about four years so I can’t really claim any of those places either. I also really only like a couple so I don’t want to say I’m from some of them anyway.
TL;DR? I’m from the U.S.A.

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