Shelby Mann in 12 Questions

Hello, all. Meghan, a fellow 4806er turned the tables a bit and asked me to do what I’ve been doing to everyone else in this world. So here you go, a spin on the Questions Project.

Project Interconnection

For my blog this week, I asked a fellow convergence classmate Shelby Mann a few questions. I was inspired by her blog, The Questions Project where every week she asks 30 questions to somebody new. For me, Project Interconnection has kind of turned into a hodgepodge of random posts that have to do with people and/or life. I have enjoyed my posts that collaborate with others the most, because it has given my blog variety.

Instead of stealing Shelby’s idea exactly, I decided to tweak it a bit. The idea for her blog reminded me of a New York Times article I read previously this year that comments on the idea that mutual vulnerability fosters closeness. I really like this idea, and it makes a lot of sense to me. I have always been in awe of how quickly I can figure people out by just talking to them, depending on…

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