The Questions Project: MacKenzie Reagan

Beware: miniature plug ahead. Per usual, contact me if you’d like to be featured. We only have a few more of these left until they are no longer mandatory, but I would absolutely love to continue doing these post-4806, so let me know if you’re interested!

Now onto MacKenzie!

MacKenzie (emphasis on the capital K) is a sophomore studying magazine writing and minoring in business at Mizzou, and she’s probably one of the most adorable people I’ve ever met. She’s from D.C., but was born in Memphis, so we have the fellow been-a-Memphian thing in common. She was the editor in charge of MOVE magazine, and is a strong advocate for mental health issues. You can find more about her from her personal blog, her project: Contemplating Survival, or by reading the next 30 questions.

1. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
Technically, my friend took this for me on my phone. It’s me having a semi-religious experience whilst consuming El Rancho, approx. 2 a.m. CST.

Picture submitted by MacKenzie Reagan.

Picture submitted by MacKenzie Reagan.

2. Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?
Nope! ~*sunglasses emoji*~

3. What’s your heritage?
White (have you seen me dance?)

4. What was the last lie you told?
“I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.”

5. What’s the weirdest prank you’ve ever done?
Hm…I don’t really play too many jokes on people.

6. Do you trust anyone with your life?
My mom, my best friend and Cher.

7. Describe the perfect pizza.
Have you ever had the veggie pizza from Shake’s without cheese? No, hear me out –– it sounds blasphemous, but it tastes amazing. Sweet, sweet heresy.

8. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
Rihanna (Rihanna). “Alcohol is the devil and I need Chinese food.” 1 May 2014, 7:49 p.m. Tweet.

9. You discover that your wonderful one-year-old child is because of a mix up at the hospital and not yours. Would you want to exchange the child to correct the mistake?
I’d consult my husband, Alex Turner.

10. Would you be willing to lie to a court for a close friend if it meant saving your friend from going to prison for life?
I’m usually not into lying –– I’m trying to make a career out of telling the truth to the masses –– but I’d risk perjury charges for a select few.

11. Would you be willing to eat a bowl of crickets for money?
I’ll go hungry, thx.

12. If you could have anyone locked in a room so you could torment them for a day, whom would you choose and how would you torment them?
This questionnaire just took a turn for the Cheney. Um… Alex Turner, and I’d ask him nicely to make out with me.

13. If you could be any age for a week, what age would you be?
I’ve always felt older than I am, so I’d say 60ish, so I can enjoy C-SPAN and wear old man sweaters without judgment.

14. Who was the last person you sang to and what did you sing?
Does rapping “Gold Digger” to myself in the shower count?

15. What question do you hate being asked?
“How tall are you?”

16. If you could have only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Some form of tacos, probably. Do I get a choice of restaurant? District Taco veggie tacos with guac, no cheese.

17. How do you start a conversation?

18. If you had a brainwashing machine who would you use it on?
Bill Gates, then I’d remind him that I’m his favorite daughter to whom he gives $1 million a week.

19. Have you ever eaten a crayon? What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?
And pâté de foie gras –– it’s Pretentious for “goose liver.”

20. Are you still learning who you are?

21. What’re you afraid of?
Spiders, the unknown, the patriarchal values and political positions held by many people (men) in power.

22. Do you dance?
See No. 3, above.

23. What’s the weirdest thing about you?
My existence.

24. What’s the most normal thing about you?
I depend on food for sustenance and I’m really into respiration.

25. What are your thoughts on honesty?
It’s important to be honest to others and to yourself. Even if it’s painful to tell someone the truth, it’s a lot more painful to deal with the fallout of your lies. (And people will always find out the truth, one way or another).

26. What do you want your tombstone to say?
“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.*
*Except for math. Screw trig.”

27. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
When people talk during movies.

28. What feels like love to you?
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man let someone borrow his phone charger.”

29. What’s a skill you’d like to learn and why?
Also, I think it’d be real swell to learn speak more languages. I’d love to be able to avoid engaging in conversation with people who speak other languages.

30. How would your friends describe you?
“My hero.”
“Mother Teresa in Angelina Jolie’s body.”
“One time, she hit me in the face. It was awesome.”
“A compulsive liar.”

Check back in next Saturday for the latest victim!

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