Back to (consistent) blogging

Approximately six months ago, I completed the beloved journalism class known as Convergence Reporting – or 4804.

Finishing that class makes you feel like this:


Thank you, Tina.

It was quite the class. I did an investigative piece on sex offenders living too close to schools, I rode a bike down Rock Quarry, I didn’t win 40 dollars (although I didn’t lose 40 dollars either), and I had some pretty memorable moments.

However, the experience was so traumatizing, I took a semester away from Missouri and spent it in Europe. Just kidding. I did spend a semester in Europe, but that was because I was interning/studying abroad, not because I was so tramautized. Also it was planned before I took 4804.

Anyhow. I am now back in Missouri (begrudgingly, Europe was wonderful) and I’m on “the other side.” ~ooooooooh~ That means 4806, or Convergence Editing and Producing. I’ll be learning how to manage people going through 4804 (and hopefully help as much as possible), and I’ll be learning to produce TV news at KOMU and podcasts at KBIA.

I’m quite excited for this class and I’m quite looking forward to this semester in general. I’m also nearing the end of my college career which is terrifying. But part of 4806 is maintaining a blog, and while I haven’t decided on a topic yet (I have until next week), I will indeed be blogging. So get excited. For consistent blogging.

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