Something – Shelby Mann

Save/or is run by one (some?) of my friends, who are wonderful people, and I went out on a limb and decided to write something for them. Thom (his website) and Aaron (Thom’s bff/an editor for the website) were quite encouraging and only told me the 7 million horrible titles I came up with were “god-awful” and “mundane.” (They could’ve said a lot worse. Title generating is not my thing.) Very grateful for these grand individuals. May good things come to them and this website. But seriously, Save/or is a fantastic concept and there are some really, really good pieces on there.


A uniform of black marched down the street. Black dress, black tights, black shoes, black socks, black coat. Light brown hair and too-pale skin diverged from the sea of black. Grey eyes blended into the grey landscape of a city with seemingly never-ending rain; seemingly never-ending rain that accompanied seemingly never-ending fretful thoughts and a new desire for consuming copious amounts of vodka. She had stayed up all night listening to the sound of her heart, beating too quickly, as it traveled through fabric and bed springs to where her ear pressed down on the mattress. She had stayed up all night listening to and sorting through those never-ending thoughts that made her heart race and thud in her chest. The wind tugged at the hood that was protecting her face from the rain. She tugged in return, bringing the worries and anxiety back, her protective shield.

Lost imaginary fingertips…

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