Journalism makes for good exercise

My most recent story was about expansions on Rock Quarry to make way for bike lanes. Well, of course, the best way to show this to a viewer is to bike down Rock Quarry with a gadget attached to your handlebars.

This wasn’t my favorite story of the summer, but it was my favorite story gadget-wise. I got to use a GoPro (eeeeeeeep) and other fun gadgets to attach video devices to cars and bikes to record footage that allows the viewer to feel as if they are driving or biking down Rock Quarry.

These gadgets are fun and I was super excited about getting to bike down Rock Quarry with a camera attached to my handle bars, so I mentally prepared myself for the potentially scary bike ride (Rock Quarry is quite narrow and has no shoulder and is sometimes scary to drive on while in a car, let alone a bike) and went to WalMart to get a helmet.

They have a lot of helmets. I had no idea which one to get, but I eventually picked out the cheapest one.

After, I got Sonic for lunch/dinner, so I knew I couldn’t die because Sonic is a terrible last meal and that’s no way to go out. I gave myself a little bit of time to digest the chemicals I consumed before setting off to put air in the tires.

To be frank, I probably should have put my bike in the car and driven to the gas station/hotel by the beginning of Rock Quarry. Instead I rode from my apartment, which might not have been my best idea since I haven’t really worked out in awhile. Anyhow, I got to Rock Quarry, waited for there to be a lapse in the number of cars driving, and took off.

It was quite a trip. Needless to say, I did not make it all the way to the end of the road. I blame the bike (it was totally me). I think I got maybe a third of the way down the road and I was huffing and puffing. It’s really audible in the GoPro footage. I also got honked at. Not in like an “aye” way, but like a “BLEEPITY BLEEP BLEEP GET OUT OF MY BLEEP BLEEP WAY.”

So I did them (and myself) a favor and chilled on the side of the road in a little side driveway for a few moments. Then I picked myself up and carried on. …Still didn’t make it all the way. At this point I was sweating a lake, red as a tomato and feeling pain as I haven’t felt in a very long time. I came to an area where there was a very large patch of land not at all intended for taking a nap, but in my hazy mind it was perfect.

I laid there for a solid half hour.

A bike and a GoPro on the side of Rock Quarry. (Bike courtesy of Madison Feller)

A bike and a GoPro on the side of Rock Quarry. (Bike courtesy of Madison Feller.)

I did eventually make it back to my apartment all on my own! No one came to my rescue, so I had to muster my strength and make the bike-trek back.

All in all it was a positive experience because it makes for some fun stories, like how I laugh/cry-called Alex who couldn’t come save me as he was working on a story himself (“Hmph,” I scowled to myself) and how I now have more bug bites than I ever imagined – at least 7 across my stomach, 3-5 per foot, 6 on the back of my right knee, etc. etc.

It also made for some really interesting, albeit a bit shaky, footage for the video piece. And since I was forced to fill the tires up, now I have a bike to ride around town to work and classes and such, which is quite nice.

So thank you, 4804, for the hardest exercise of my summer.

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