Winter Break and the Escape of Boredom

So I’m home for Winter Break now. It’s 5 weeks. 5 terribly, terribly long weeks of figuring out what to do. In order to prevent myself from ultimate boredom, I may have gone a bit overboard on the goals I set for myself and the things I will be doing this break. First off, I got an internship at NBC (yippee!) and I also have an interview at the store Teavana tomorrow, so hopefully I get that job so I can make some money (woooooh). On top of that, it’s my goal to watch all of The Lord of the Rings — the extended version of course –  every Wes Anderson film possible, and to begin rereading/reading The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

That will keep me quite busy, and I’ll see friends of course. Also, I’m going to Mexico on the 1st of January until the 5th and then I’m in Chicago from the 6th to the 9th AND I’M SO EXCITED FOR BOTH OF THOSE TRIPS. I love traveling, it’s the best.

Oh, also, I intend on furthering my musical horizons. Consequence of Sound is a lovely music website that recently released all sorts of “Top (insert here) of 2012” so I’ll browse through that and hopefully find a new favorite artist or band that will be as loveable as my dear Sufjan Stevens.

I knew that returning home and not being in the usual swing of things or seeing people that I had grown accustomed to at college would make those 5 weeks painfully long, so I suppose that’s why I’m trying to keep myself from “lounging around” all break. Also, I’ll try to update this blog. I’m possibly watching The Fellowship of the Ring tonight, so perhaps I’ll review the series or each movie! I’m quite excited to watch them, epic fantasy movies are the best, and for now, au revoir.

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