New to blogging

As an “aspiring journalist,” it’s recommended that we have a blog. It gives others (i.e. future employers or internship granters) another outlet in which they can “look at our writing styles and get to know more about me.” So in that aspect, if it is true, hello to any future employers/or internship granters. It’s nice to know you’re reading this blog post; however, it means I must always be on my grammatical game, which I would be to begin with because I’m a bit OCD when it comes to grammar. It would be odd for me to have posts that weren’t grammatically correct in the first place.

Anyway, as this blogs feels very blank and very dull without a post on it, I’m writing something extremely vague and cliche about creating a new blog so as to fill space and give a slight sample of what my introductory writing style (I suppose?) may be like if I were to ever run a blog, which I doubt, but it’s possible. I also doubt that this is how I would begin said blog (career-wise) because I would have more foundation as to what the function of the blog would be as opposed to a very public, observable, yet probably unfrequented webpage on the internet dedicated to my very general, possibly sporadic, thoughts on life and topics dealing with life, daily events, recurring events, or current events. That was too many commas, and so, for now, I say adieu, and good day to you.

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